Friday, February 26, 2010

What is Svetol?

In the simplest definition possible, Svetol is a kind of polyphenol, found in green coffee - coffee beans that have not been roasted (pictured below) - with extremely effective anti-oxidant properties.

Polyphenol is category of a chemical substance found in plants. If you wish to find out more about Polyphenol, please visit its Wiki for detailed explanation as it is not possible to explain polyphenol in layman terms.

Svetol combats harmful reactive oxygen which start oxidation reactions and creates free radicals. Oxidation damages your cells – causing aging and sickness. Free radicals may be far more devastating, damaging your DNA – thereby causing life-threatening cancer.


  1. I just started last night, taking this supplement and am going to keep a daily diary on the effects.

    1. Can you tell us your results/ what you have found?

  2. bp waz over 140... started taking green coffe extract 1200mg 3xday and it now usualy around 115... know several people who have similar results... some had to lower dose bc started feeling tired.