Thursday, September 1, 2011

Green Cofee and Weight Loss

Coffee afficionados prefer green coffee due to the aromatic freshness they can experience in each sip. Green coffee once roasted becomes darkish coloration and may not maintain its freshness or fragrance for a long time. Coffee enthusia buy coffee and roast it based on their needs, and green coffee may be roasted in a variety of ways from equipments like a stove oven or pop corn popper which shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.

Latest research has shown that green coffee might be able to act effectively on your body fat mass and significantly decreases it. Hence it is now quite an 'in' diet product to those people who are trying to lose weight. Some researchers at University of California believe that extracts of green coffee beans can combat AIDS.

Please read on my earlier posts regarding how svetol in green coffee can help to lose weight.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Svetol in weight loss products

Svetol has been promoted marketed as super substance for weight loss that is believed to be helpful in refining the form of the body besides lowering the overall weight of the body. This is evidently accomplished through its herbal source, which is the green coffee bean. Analysis has shown that the green coffee bean comes with a substance known as "chlorogenic acid". According to the advertising materials for Svetol green coffee bean extract, it is an ingredient that is tremendously high health properties.

During the green coffee roasting process, Svetol is left raw (I have no information on how this is done) and this holds up its exclusive health properties by preventing the damage of its vital substances within the bean, such as chlorogenic acid.

Some research with chlorogenic acid suggests that this compound allows the body to make use of its fat for energy more effectively and cut back the amount of sugars absorbed by the body when consumed in foods. As this compound may be able to assist to stabilize blood's glucose level following a meal, hence could be a beneficial substance for weight loss in people who find themselves affected by diabetes. Additionally, by stabilizing blood sugar levels, the hunger pangs ould also be better managed.

Svetol is now contained in both beverage and capsule forms and as an ingredient in lots of diet products. A single dose of Svetol is often the equivalent of ingesting between three and six cups of coffee, though it is claimed that there is considerably much less caffeine contained in the dose than in the popular hot beverage. In fact, it states that there's much less caffeine in Svet than can be present in one quarter of a cup of average strength coffee. Svetol promoters say that due to the lack of some molecules found within coffee, it can assure itself to be free of kahweol and cafestol. That is important because while there are thought to be medicinal benefits to kahweol and cafestol, they are also thought to lift blood cholesterol levels.

Svetol green coffee bean extract is a reasonably new weight loss product that requires more support proof from scientific studies. Despite this, it is now being added to numerous weight loss products and is also marketed as a dietary supplement on its own.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Svetol is scientifically proved

There are some tests done on the effectiveness of Svetol. Here are 2 of such Svetol tests:

Dr. E.Thom's Trial

In a research in 2005, Dr. E.Thom trialled on Svetol in Norway with 50 people. Svetol was compared with a calorie controlled diet over a period of 60 days.

There were two separate groups, 30 using Svetol and 20 using a placebo.

Those using Svetol lost an average of 5kg (11lbs), more than 2 times the amount of weight compared to those on the same diet but without Svetol, who lost only an average of 2.4kg (5.2lbs).

Phytotherapie Medical Journal

In a study in 2006 by O.Dellalibera, B.Lemaire, S. Lafay, arandomised placebo study on 50 people over a period of 60 days in the Antonio e Margherita Hospital in Tortona, Italy.

These studies were carried out on an age group between 19 and 75. The study resulted in Svetol having a slimming action for a period of 60 days, compared to those that were supplemented with a placebo.

The group that took Svetol lost an average of 4.9kg. The group that took a placebo lost only 2.45kg.

Hence from these two medical trial and research, it goes to show that Svetol, or products that contain svetol ingredient, helps in losing weight faster.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Svetol in Green Coffee

Svetol is an extract of decaffeinated green coffee, it induces weight loss while reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass of your body.

The results of Svetol demonstrate its ability through better use of fats and prevent their accumulation.

It is rich in active constituents.

This gives the Svetol from coffee beans (Robusta), not roasted, its composition is unique and has been patented it gives an efficiency that has been clinically proven. It also guarantees the absence of certain molecules which cafestol and kahweol that the scientific consensus on their proven adverse effects on health, especially among heavy coffee drinkers.

Its special composition has been carefully studied reflecting identification of the increased presence of chlorogenic acids, natural components concentrated in the Svetol. These acids are present in a wide variety of foods we take daily, and their benefits have been demonstrated in several clinical studies.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Safety of Svetol

Svetol is a natural food extract from green coffee beans containing a standardized amount of chlorogenic acid.

Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid (up to 500 mg/kg/day) given to pregnant rats from the 5th through 12th day of gestation caused no maternal or fetal mortality and no adverse effects on the nervous system. Chlorogenic acids have also been shown to be non-mutagenic in tests on bacteria such as the Ames test. The LD50 of chlorogenic acids has been determined to be higher than 2500 mg/kg body weight.

Svetol is also extremely low in caffeine, with less than 2% caffeine contained in the extract, and is not expected to have any of caffeine's stimulant effects. Svetol is extremely safe with no adverse effects having been reported while taking Svetol at the recommended dosage.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Research on Svetol

Green Coffee CherriesSvetol is a unique extract of Coffea canephora robusta green coffee beans containing between 45 and 50% chlorogenic acids with less than 2% total caffeine concentration. As outlined above, many studies highlight the potential benefits of coffee compounds, including chlorogenic acid, for providing protection against free radicals and promoting healthy glucose metabolism. A number of other potential benefits have been discovered for these compounds. Svetol has also been the subject of preliminary clinical studies that have shown exciting results.

In a pilot study, the effect of Svetol on sugar concentrations after meals was evaluated in 15 individuals. In the same trial, the longer-term effects of Svetol on weight management were also evaluated. Blood sugar concentrations were measured on two separate occasions. Patients were administered an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in which they consumed a standard amount of sugar and had their blood sugar levels measured 1 hour after sugar intake. The first measurement was made on day 1 prior to taking Svetol and the second OGTT was performed on day 2, after beginning the Svetol regimen in which one tablet (200 mg per tablet) was administered 3 times during the day. Patients were fasted for at least 8 hours prior to the testing.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How does Svetol work?

Svetol works in a number of ways.

First, in vivo studies have shown that chlorogenic acids reduce absorption of glucose in the intestine by inhibiting the dissipation of sodium electrochemical gradient in the brush border membrane vesicles.

Second, chlorogenic acids have been shown to inhibit an enzyme in the liver that is involved with releasing glucose into the bloodstream. So through these two mechanisms, Svetol works to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This effect induces the body to burn the fat stored in adiposities as a source of energy, thus leading to weight loss.

Next, further in vitro research has shown that the active components of Svetol help reduce the size of fat cells within adipose tissue. In fact, a placebo-controlled randomized trial over eight weeks showed that Svetol users lost weight and lowered their body mass index while improving their muscle-to-fat ratio.

Next, further in vitro research has shown that the active components of Svetol help reduce the size of fat cells within adipose tissue. In fact, a placebo-controlled randomized trial over eight weeks showed that Svetol users lost weight and lowered their body mass index while improving their muscle-to-fat ratio.